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WINNING AT WEALTH Overview & Resources


Welcome to WINNING AT WEALTH – a  7-week program designed to help you shatter your financial glass ceiling, unlock your income potential, effortlessly clean up unconscious money messes and free yourself from under earning and other financial self-sabotage.

I am personally on a mission to end the financial and emotional roller coaster so many small business owners and entrepreneurs face and I’m excited to join you on this journey.

This is how this program works:

There are a total of 7 training modules and 2 Q & A sessions to be completed. As with any program, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. Please be willing to be a “beginner” all over again – often we go into business with a passion to help others and then discover that we ourselves have new skills and new ways of being that have to be developed.

CALENDAR time to work through the modules, do the work and ask all of your questions in the live Q & A sessions or Facebook group and you will transform your own relationship with money and your ability to generate greater wealth. You will have complete access to all training materials and recordings online via the training resource area. This is in case you need to miss a live call or if you ever want to come back and review a session. Keep a look out in your in-box for log-in details to the member area and dates and times of the training modules.



These are ready for you in the resource area (see below to access the resource area). I would recommend studying them in the order they are shown in your member resource area:

  1. Clearing Money Clutter
  2. Insider Secrets to Adding an Additional 5K in revenue each month
  3. Money Making Happy Hour Activities (checklist)


See below for a list of your WINNING AT WEALTH training modules.

MODULE 1: Develop a Wealthy Mindset – The only thing that is stopping you from generating more income is the story you tell yourself about why you can’t. Myths and misconceptions are guaranteed to keep your income stuck. It’s essential to heal outdated “money wounds” and transform an outdated employee mindset into an empowered entrepreneur outlook.

MODULE 2: Build a Winning Future – Your past does not equal your future. Transform the programming that holds you back and make peace with the past, while making friends with the most important numbers in your business. Avoidance is not the path to abundance. True leaders create a future that is distinctly different from the past.

MODULE 3: Discover Your Unique Money Personality – You can’t create an empowered financial future with the same version of you who created the money mess in the past. Learn the four key money types each with their inherent strengths and weaknesses. Honor your money type and learn how to build new capabilities so that your new money personality is aligned with the future you want to create.

MODULE 4: Shatter Your Financial Glass Ceiling – Discover your unconscious financial set point. Build new money habits to shatter your financial glass ceiling. Learn how to outwit your own money “monster” who will always show up in your “money gap.”

MODULE 5: Overcome Financial Sabotage and Clean up Money Messes – A head in the sand approach will not bring you financial freedom. Create healthy new money practices. Your income is a reflection of what you practice on a daily basis. Use the power of environment to create a financial breakthrough.

MODULE 6: Create the Wealth That You are Worth – Stand in the power of the value you offer and create a powerful value ripple effect. Escape the time for money trap, transform your passion into profits, and increase your self-worth.

MODULE 7: Put Your Wealth into Action – Vision plus inspired consistent action creates a true financial breakthrough. Replace income limiting “busyness” with incoming generating “inspired actions.” Learn how to create your own “Money-making happy hour” with 50 income generating activities.

WINNING AT WEALTH Member Resource Area

Your Member Resource Area is your “one stop shop” for all audio trainings, checklists, handouts and other goodies throughout the program.

Private Interactive Facebook Community

Join our private Facebook group to get 24/7 support, ask questions, get feedback, brainstorm and maintain motivation with others in your program.

To join the private Facebook group visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/vanessa.shaw.winningatwealth/

This short video will show you how to place a Facebook group into your Favorites area on Facebook:


Any Questions?

If you have any questions feel free to email my fabulous team at support@vanessashaw.com – they will take good care of you.