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Module 1: Six Figure Mindset

MODULE 1: Six Figure Mindset – There are some fundamental building blocks that need to be in place in your business in order to be able to easily and systematically attract more clients. Developing the mindset of successful 6 figure business owners provides a solid foundation on which to grow your business. In this module you will learn:

  • That it is possible to do the work you love AND be well paid for it
  • How to develop a money mindset and a new relationship with money that will support you
  • The 5 crucial numbers to always have at your fingertips
  • Key money boundaries that you must establish to be successful
  • Remove self-doubt and clarify your own personal value
  • Understand the true value and impact of your services (you’ll probably want to raise your fees after this exercise!


Please download and print the worksheet below or fill it out on your computer to accompany the recording to the right.

Recording & Transcript

Recording Transcript

Recording Transcript